Where to eat: The Precinct Tavern

Welcome to another ‘Where to eat’ post! If you haven’t seen the first one, here is the link: Where to eat: Mosko’s Market

This time, we are introducing you to the Precinct Tavern Restaurant (not the bar area)! They have just upgraded the menu, and also renovated the place a little! The vibe there feels a lot better.

We went to the precinct for Lunch, and were super excited to try out the food and ended up ordering way more than we could eat. Along with the new menu, there were some that stayed. For example, the Fish & Chips, and some pizzas. They even have some vegetarian options, which was perfect for our vegetarian team member!

Without further-adieu here is what we ordered:

Vegetarian pizza! This was delicious.

Chicken Burger! Generous with the chicken portions.

Fish and Chips! Always a solid feed.

Salt & Pepper Calamari.

Vegetarian Croquettes.

Overall had a great experience at the precinct. Service was great, and so was the food. We will be definitely coming back to try out more of the new menu!

Lunch Menu:

Lunch Menu


The Precinct Tavern:
Address7 Kitchener Drive, Darwin City NT 0800

Monday 11am–2am
Tuesday 11am–2am
Wednesday 11am–2am
Thursday 11am–2am
Friday 11am–2am
Saturday 11am–2am
Sunday 11am–2am


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theprecincttavern_darwin/

Website: https://www.theprecincttavern.com.au/

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