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The smell of fire from back burning has begun; the skies of Darwin have now changed as the sun sets in the Dry Season.

This time of the year is undoubtedly my favourite for a variety of reasons; however I’ll only list 3 to keep it short:

  1. The weather is beautiful! Say good bye to humidity and hello to frizz-less hair
  2. The ever-so popular watering holes are deemed safe to swim in
  3. The famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are back and so is the smell of delicious food.

With that being said a few of my favourite foods can be found within this sea of foods influenced from various parts of Darwin’s neighbouring countries both near and far.

Here is a list of my all time favourites, my staples in market food, all of which can be purchased from:

Mindil Beach Sunset Market (Thursday and Sunday afternoons),

Parap Market (Saturday, open till 2pm – the latest),

Nightcliff Market and/or Rapid Creek Market (both open Sunday mornings)


  1. Nem Nuong – Vietnamese pork patties which can either come in meatball sizes or in the form of a meat roll. This snack is so tasty! A must try if you haven’t already been hypnotized.



2. Nem Nuong in rice noodle salad – now from the same stall, they also offer a salad made with Nem Nuong – I’m not particularly sure of what the Vietnamese call this but I call this “the bomb” because it just blows you away. All the components of this easy (but hard to make) light salad is such a great meal to have as an in betweener. Not unless you get two. Then it’s over.


3. Aunty Mary’s soup – I always get beef and chicken combination with extra extra chilli, out of all the stalls that sell soup, hers is the main place I go to.


4. Kanom Jeen – Thai rice noodles with fish curry sauce. I don’t normally like eating curry nor do I enjoy the smell of coconut milk infused with the spices involved in making curry, BUT this is the exception. This is such a nice, well balanced light curry.

5. Ripe mango with sticky rice and coconut milk – Well, I feel like a hypocrite after saying that I don’t like the smell of coconut milk but have listed two foods on this list of market staples… awkward. Any who, moving along, this Thai dessert is always my favourite, the sweet ripe mangoes and sticky rice with just a dash of coconut milk is just decadent and fresh.



I could go on all day with what you should get, but I feel like I’ve given you enough to start the long walk from one end to the other. Just don’t give your eyes too much authority when it comes to feeding your stomach.

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Lady Luxuria Food Affair

One sure fact that everyone knows about me, is that I have a serious passion, or better yet, obsession for food... I enjoy the finesse of food, from where it’s produced to how it's plated, to serve to the table.

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